ToysHeart R-20

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Toysheart R-20 Onahole is an amazing 3D structured sleeve has a super complex passage, full of bends, flesh lumps, ribs and studs etc. It has a larger entry hole and lubricant leak out prevention design. Made with odorless, soft and safe material. If you want to feel like you are with a twenty-year old, slip on the R-20 Onahole. It creates a tight vacuum around your special member guaranteed to keep things snug. Lubricate with the mini-lotion included and get a grip on the supple Safe Skin material.

Extra Information

Length: 7 in. Width: 2.5 in. Height: 2.5 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Buyer on 8th Nov 2018


    High quality, just not to my liking

    It's easy to use and maintain, it's big, it's durable; I am simply not impressed with how it actually feels internally. That frontal bump with the small ridges is the only internal texture I can notice. Sure, it feels nice but only along that axis of entry and not all the way around, exacerbated by the fact there's no external marker to determine which way the toy is oriented. I took a Sharpie to mine... Beyond that, it feels fairly plain. The material is too hard to lovingly envelop your junk but the textures are too mild to create artificial stimulation. Partially redeeming it is that the two end chambers can generate wicked suction if you collapse them before entering, so it's easy to make the toy feel as tight or loose as desired. The Safe Skin material is quite firm and has the texture of very fine sandpaper. It's remained stick-free with no powdering yet after many washes. It's nice to hold but fine enough you don't feel it internally when properly lubed. Plus, it's one of the largest holes for the more well-endowed and despite its size, it's very easy to use and maintain. It doesn't wobble much on the outstroke. The wide, straight tunnel and firm material makes it a breeze to clean. There's no dual layer to risk damaging no matter how you manhandle this thing.

  • Posted by Kay on 30th Oct 2014


    Pretty good

    It's pretty good. Like a better textured Fleshlight for a fraction of the cost. Comes with a sample of lube that's more for actual vaginas than rubber ones. Get something more thin and slippery instead and save the sample for your dried up wife.