Male Sex Toy Guide

How to Use a Penis Pump

The tissue in your penis will respond to regular pumping, so how big and strong your erections become depends on how much time you have to spare. Pump once or twice a week and in 2 - 3 months you will see an increase to your flaccid penis size of up to 30 percent!

1. Start with a full or semi-erect penis. If you're using a Bathmate water pump, you'll need to begin with while flaccid. 2. Apply lubrication to the opening of the pump and to your penis, so it will slide in easily. 3. Insert the shaft of your penis into the cylinder until the base of the pump is pressed firmly against your body so it is air tight. 4. Place your finger over the air release or set the pump to only allow air into the cylinder by turning it clockwise. 5. Start compressing and releasing the pump slowly, taking time to get used to the sensations and pressure. 6. Continue pumping until your penis is firmly erect. 7. Stop and check your penis - if there's any unusual discoloration or bulging of veins then stop. If all seems well, carry on pumping. 8. Once you are at a good length or feel that you are at full pressure, stop and slowly open the air release or turn it anti-clockwise, allowing the air to disperse and your pumped-up penis to slip freely from the cylinder!

Once your penis leaves the cylinder, it will gradually go back to its normal size. To keep your extra length and girth, slip on a cock ring before pumping.

If any discomfort or pain is felt at all during any point of the pumping, please stop! At first it will be a strange sensation but it should not hurt.

It's recommended that you use your penis pump for no longer than 20 minutes to avoid damage to the blood vessels in your penis but it's perfectly fine to use the pump often, with gaps between sessions.

How would I know which masturbators suits me?

Although all masturbators are designed to fit all sizes, because of the stretchable elstomer material, the size of your member does have a bearing on the choice of masturbators. If you are smaller than normal, just don’t worry, the tight tunnel of the zero diameter masturbators will be the best choice for you. Those normally endowed would find the irregular tunnel or the 3D spiral tunnel a perfect fit. For studs, any masturbators with a fixed diameter will prove both comfortable and satisfying.

What type of tunnel would suit you is difficult to answer, since every type has something unique to contribute to your sexual pleasure! Our advice is to collect all kinds to ensure an unlimited supply of unique sensations at your beck and call!

Is there any preparation required for using masturbators or prostate stimulators?
Yes, using masturbators or prostate stimulators without lubrication will not only be uncomfortable, but may bruise the skin. So, take a little lubricant and lubricate the lips of the masturbators or prostate stimulators. For lubricating the tunnel, you will need to apply the lubricant on your penis and penetrate the masturbators slowly. To lubricate the nooks and crannies of the tunnel, simply turn the masturbators in your hand. Regular use would let you know how much lubricant is required for best results, as using too much may dilute the sensations. It is important to use water-based lubricants, since oil-based ones may damage the material of the masturbators or prostate stimulators.

For a more realistic feel, you can warm up the masturbators The procedure is given in the next question.    

How can I enhance the stimulation with masturbators?
Although all masturbators are provided with differently molded tunnels for imparting intense sensations, but there may be times when regular use may make you get used to them. However, there are certain tips and tricks that will enable you to multiply the pleasure quotient of your masturbators.

A simple way to bring in different sensations is to turn the masturbators around or change its angle while stroking it. For giving masturbators the feel of a warm pussy, heating it in warm water is a good idea. Never put the masturbators in boiling water, as you are liable to damage it. Heat the water to around 135 degrees F, put the masturbators in it after turning it inside out and leave it in for 5 minutes. This would give the toy an ideal temperature for an enjoyable love play.   

How do I clean my masturbators?
More Information can be found HERE

How to Stimulate the Prostate?
The prostate gland is a walnut shaped gland that produces a clear fluid that carries the sperm out of the body during ejaculation. Sometimes the gland is called the male g-spot or the “p-spot”. Regardless of sexual orientation, a man can have the most intense orgasm he’s ever had from having his prostate massaged with fingers or an anal sex toy. It’s always best to have a partner help explore the options.

How to find the Prostate
Get your partner to feel the area just above your anus on your back when you are aroused. You should feel a lump right there. Pay attention to what turns you on when your partner massages the area, and the amount of pressure it takes. Prostate stimulation can also involve anal play. First of all go to the bathroom, and take a shower or even better get in the shower, and explore where your prostate gland is with your partner! Now that you are all washed up, lie on your back or in a position that is comfortable for you to engage in exploration. Make sure you’re turned on, so this doesn’t seem like it’s turning into a doctor’s visit, unless that turns you on! Get your partner to press like a door bell on your outer anal sphincter to relax you. For all you more adventuresome folks, get your partner to kiss and lick your anus. When you arevery relaxed, get them to gently insert one or two well lubricated fingers in your bum, and engage in a "come here" finger motion towards the front of your body. While this is going on, you or your partner can also stroke your penis with some lube or your partner can give you a blow job. When you orgasm your partner will be able to feel the prostate pulsing as they are massaging. Your luck will be that they may get turned on by its pulsing and want to do it every time!

Attention:  Please use a water-based lubricant while using your prostate massager to avoid hurting your anus.

What is onahole?
It is Japanese for masturbator.

Why a Japanese masturbator?
Although good masturbators are available all over the world, Japanese onahole maintains a technological edge over them. The facts that tilt heavily in favor of onahole is the Japanese eye for detail in crafting this gadget, as also the unique interior designs that impart a variety of never-experienced-before exhilarating sensations. The superior high-quality materials, like elastomers, are used in the manufacture of onaholes. These are non-toxic, odorless, durable and long lasting. They also strictly conform to the safety standards of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.