Rends USB Hole Warmer

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Rends USB Hole Warmer is a truly fantastic onahole and masturbator accessory from Rends Japan, and as the name implies it's a simple onahole warmer. It uses USB to power itself and warm your onahole. This USB Onahole Warmer is a super simple and convenient item for your everyday masturbation. The feeling of inserting your penis into a heated up masturbator makes it feel just like a real vagina and as it only takes 5 minutes to heat it its super easy to use anywhere and anytime!

The length of Rends USB Onahole Warmer stick is about 5 inches and will without any problems fit in most masturbators, letting no heat away. Thanks to the USB cable being longer than 32 inches makes it really easy to connect to for example your laptop. Just connect it and it will be perfectly heated up just in time for you to start to play enjoying some porn on the internet!

Rends USB Onahole Warmer gets warm after 1-2 minutes after connection and the surface temperature is 37â„? please though note that the temperature might vary in different environments. 

Rends USB Onahole Warmer is compatible with most masturbator brands, such as, Fleshlight, MeiKi, Rends, ToysHeart, EXE, and etc.

Note: Rends USB Onahole Warmer is not waterproof. Do not submerge or rinse in water. Do not leave the item plugged in for extended period of time or unattended. 

Extra Information

Length:9 in. Width: 3.5 in Height: 2 in.

2 Reviews

  • Posted by John on 27th Nov 2020


    Must have item for all

    It is a must item indeed. Every onahole users should have one at least.

  • Posted by Unknown on 24th May 2017


    Must Have

    If you buy an onahole then just buy this as well. It's cheap, works every time, and makes your toy SOOO much better. You'd be silly to spend a ton on a toy and not have this warmer to go with it. BUY IT! Or buy 2 like I did to warm all of the holes ;)