Rends A10 Cyclone Unit M/L

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*Rends' R-1 Controller is needed for this product to operate(Sold separately)

The revolving electrical masturbation hole “A10 Cyclone” is the first male product for the R-1 attachment series. Bring into reality the masturbation dream of every man to climax without ever having to move one's hand. Soft rubber interior wraps around and envelopes your penis. The same strong pleasure of intercourse or fellatio is experienced by the stimulating rubbing produced by the A10 Cyclone's inner rotation. A10 Cyclone was developed due to the overwhelming feedbacks of men who wanted “A tool that can bring me to climax at a touch of a button” With its powerful motor, even a big penis would not be able to stop A10 Cyclone's powerful rotations. The PWM control is one of the special feature of the R-1 series allowing the A10 Cyclone to express seven various patterns and seven levels of speed from low to ultra high for a combination of 49 unique modes possible.

The package includes everything pictured in the last picture : The basic A10 Cyclone unit with a M/L size Medusa Head insert and one extra Spacer
If you are looking for S/M size, here is the converting attachment: Rends A10 Medusa Head Cup Insert S/M

Extra Information

Length: 8 in. Width: 3 in. Height: 3 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

3 Reviews

  • Posted by Jimmy Vick on 23rd Aug 2013


    Great concept but SIZE MATTERS

    Available in two sizes: S/M (Cup entrance diameter: 22mm, 0.9"; Inner cup diameter: 34mm, 1.3") or M/L (Cup entrance diameter: 25mm, 1"; Inner cup diameter: 44mm, 1.7") How would one know if their penis would fit in this device allowing proper function? To determine this you need to see whether the circumference of the device is greater than the largest circumference of your erect penis. Circumference = Radius X Pi Entrance cup circumference for the S/M: 0.9" X 3.14159 = 2.82" Inner cup circumference for the S/M: 1.3" X 3.14159 = 4.08" Entrance cup circumference for the M/L: 1.0" X 3.14159 = 3.14" Inner cup circumference for the M/L: 1.7" X 3.14159 = 5.34" It is also worth mentioning the implied usage of ALL attachment cups are based off these dimensions. Just as a reference, the circumference dimensions of my erect penis range from 4.75" on the shaft up to 5.25" on the head. This is technically not a violation of the products dimensions however it is at the upper limit of them. The outer cup of the device is made from a highly malleable synthetic material that can expand in diameter another .5" or more with ease. The out cup allows for a flexible range of shaft circumference while providing an air tight seal. The outer cup material and dimension is not an impediment to product usage at all, what I list below would be. With the largest circumference of my erect penis being 5.25" at the head, it is within the 5.34" spec allowed by the M/L size device. However, upon inspection of all the available attachment cups I discovered a problem. The malleability of the synthetic material from which all inner attachment cups are made is FAR less than the malleability of the Cyclone outer cup synthetic material (meaning the inner cups are made of a slightly "tougher" or more "rigid" synthetic material). Intuition alone suggests this would potentially cause a tremendous scaling motor drag based on circumference ratio. Even without formal lab testing, I highly suspect the motor drag would increase exponentially with circumferences increasing from 5.00" up to 5.25" due to the lower malleability synthetic material used by any attachment cups available (with exception of the "freestyle cup" for obvious reasons). This motor drag would occur regardless of the viscosity of ANY lubrication used for the coefficient of friction would simple become too great for the motor to overcome. Recommendations: The M/L A10 Cyclone should not be used on ANY erect penis with any circumference exceeding 5.00". While M/L the inner cup circumference dimension is 5.34" it NEEDS a deal of clearance even with lube due to the lower malleability synthetics from which the attachment cups are made. This same ratio can then be applied to the S/M size inner cup. This device is a wonderful concept but needs to come in sizes L/XL and XL/XXL with corresponding sized attachment cups based on current product scaling for the "tuna can" dudes. Or the malleability of the inner cup attachments must be increased potentially reducing the products durability.

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2012


    just buy it

    This unit is remarkably awesome guys, no exaggeration if you want extreme satisfaction buy it without wasting time.

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2012


    must buy

    It,s simply a great product to buy, it gives you maximum pleasure in a very natural way of rotations and vibrations.