Meiki No Syoumei 006 Yen Jyu Yi

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One of the icons of Taiwan, the betel nut girls are sexy young ladies selling wares on the streets in their underwear. Now the makers of the incredible series of meiki clone masturbators scouted Taiwan to find the sexiest vendor around and copied her you-know-what for this Meiki Street Angel. Meiki No Syoumei 006 Yen Jyu Yi is made with a dual-layered structure that has a milky-skin-softness that sucks you up like the real thing. and enjoy the super complex textured sleeve for experiencing the real thing. The moment you penetrate, a big g-spot lump lets you know you are hitting the right spot. And to make things exciting, a uterus stinger is added at the end of the passage. A free pack of Yen Jyu Yi's love liquid promises to make your session butter smooth!

Extra Information

Length: 6 in. Width: 3.5 in. Height: 3.5 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

4 Reviews

  • Posted by Lorenzo on 7th Apr 2021


    Meiki no syoumei 006

    My first Meiki. What a treat. I was concerned about this toy being too tight. Most toys I end up throwing away after this first use because they are too tight and uncomfortable. Not this time! This toy seems to form around my member with just enough firmness. Then I realized that a few drops of warm water makes the lube very slimy. I am 100% pleased. It will be interesting to see how long this will last, but this is the best toy I have ever bought, hands down.

  • Posted by Meiki TW on 30th Mar 2014


    Meiki TW

    Sweet sexy and smooth textured masturbation sleeves have always been my interest therefor I find the Meiki Yen Ru Yi really very satisfying, pleasing and exciting. It is pretty easy to clean as it has a flexible nature and can be turned inside out for better clean. Not to mention, when I use lubrication for masturbation while using this amazing sleeve I get intense stimulation and sensational effects. I simply love what I have purchased for this price. I’ll definitely look forward towards more of such products from the Meiki masturbation sleeves line!

  • Posted by meiki guru on 27th Jan 2014



    Meiki Yen Ru Yi totally works for me when it comes to enjoying masturbation moments to the best. I bought it online about a week ago and have been really satisfied with it. It has milky soft texture and can easily expand up to 6-7 inches in length and about 4-5 inches in girth to provide the ultimate sensation effects through its amazingly soft and sexy internal texture which is support by the G-spot feature for ultimate climax stimulations as experience only in real sex experience.

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Nov 2012



    Great Product