Meiki No Syoumei 007 Sarah

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The Meiki series Sarah masturbator. Half Brazilian half Japanese Busty AV star has become one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.

The Meiki Sarah uses dual layer structures like the previous versions but has been upgraded at the entrance. The entrance hides the realistic inner lips made with firmer materials in the inner layer. Every inch of the path was designed for the most realistic and sensual feel aimed to provide the user to the most enjoyable Sarah-ish end. The curves of the outer and inner shapes imitates perfectly to the curvatures of the busty AV star herself.  The manufacture has claimed that the Meiki Sarah is the most realistic in the series yet with its innovative super detailed design!

Weighing only 22oz, 6inches long, 4 inches high the Meiki Sarah fits perfectly in your hand and also includes one 60 ml scented sample lotion. A great offer and a great buy!

Extra Information

Length: 6 in. Width: 3.75 in. Height: 4 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

3 Reviews

  • Posted by Kei-kun on 3rd Jun 2015


    Fist time purchase GOING to get again!

    Long review I bought this Sarah and also another smaller cheaper onahole as my first purchase of items of "this" sort. I had never used an onahole before and had no real Idea how to properly care for it, so people leave instructions that could actually damage your onahole (never turn dual layer onaholes inside out, I didn't but don't do it anyway). after using the cheaper hole which felt good. I worked up the nerve more like gave in to the desire to use Sarah.......and then figure out how to clean her. She feels GREAT if somebody says she don't feel good I have know idea why. Lube is VERY important, you need to experiment in finding how much lube feels best to you while in Sarah. Lube helps protect from tearing Sarah. I have had Sarah since late March 2015 and out of fear of damaging her waited almost five days before using her and was using like I said earlier another onahole of lower quality than Sarah. I got Sarah while on a sale, even at NORMAL price she is totally worth the money I got to play with her someday during April four times a day, Sadly I ran out of lube eventually and it kind of ..."hurt" Sarah, I'm sad I damaged her but it was only my own fault for trying to go in dry. (at the same time I feel good about my size though) I split her not just the entrance but that first big ridge. She has dual layers they feel so good but you should take care to make sure about lubricant. She does stretch I will chock this up to a learning experience. I KNOW I have did Sarah over 100 times some times for time in one day. Since very late March. and I'm still doing her twice today so far. but I'll be sure after I run out of lube to fight the urge to go in her till I can get some more. I 'm going to buy another Sarah nice tight unripped and looking for a Second Meiki to try for the first time. I will do Sarah before the night is over. P.S Sarahs lips look nice, the Camel toe was one reason I picked her for my first because she was aesthetically very pleasing to me. CLEANING TECHNIQUES.... I fill OK with. 1 wash Onahole with very warm water and liquid preferably antibacterial soap (yes rinse the soap reside out), ( if it hot enough to hurt you its to hot for your Meiki) 2. You can buy a small micro fiber cloth and cut it into long strips around three inches wide and stick them down into your Meiki to suck up left over water droplets. alcohol is a water displacer your choice if you want to drop some down inside to displace the water. Repeat micro terry cloth until step until you feel that it is done its job,. Pat dry the outside of the Meiki with a soft towel of cloth till dry. remember to throw your Micro cloth in to the laundry to clean, how you do is up to you. If you live with others if the micro strips are found.... ( Still safer than using your sisters tampons, explain why you need some to your sis....) Put corn starch baby powder on the OUTSIDE of the onahole to keep it from sticking to everything and be soft (no Talc) (DO NOT put powder IN your Meiki if you do your're going to have a bad time) thanks for reading, you get an internet cookie!

  • Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2014



    Entrance is too loose. I dont think that this is made out of good silicon. Maybe this is gelatin.

  • Posted by Unknown on 9th Sep 2012


    i like it so much

    this is my good friend and companion. it makes me feel happy whenever i use it on my dick