Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

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The La Bocca Della Verita(Mouth of Truth)from Magic Eyes is their first oral sleeve and they took the best parts and kept it as real as possible and the parts that don't, they added their twist to up its stimulating.

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita is made of fresh and soft material with dual and 3D structure design. Inside The Mouth of Truth, it has a small tongue, realistic hard teeth and lined grooves, the middle part is getting tighter and there is a vacuum area at the rear, feel the intense pleasure from this sleeve!

As you slide over the tongue, push in deeper to the tight back of the throat where the vacuum will suck your head of all its offerings. Magic Eyes, the makers, also suggest you add cosmetics to the lips for even more amazing effects.

If you like the feeling of a blowjob, then this will be a very "truthful" experience for you.

Extra Information

Magic Eyes
Length: 6 in. Width: 3 in. Height: 3 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
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10 Reviews

  • Posted by John on 27th Nov 2020


    A new sensation

    It definitely felt different from other onaholes; possibly close to a real BJ. Make sure to get a onahole warmer too for more realistic experience. Price is very affordable so I recommend you try it out. Some people like it without the plastic teeth but I do not recommend removing it.

  • Posted by AVG H8R on 3rd May 2017


    Blew my mind.

    All I can say is it met my expectations and then some. I expected the teeth to be a little rough but with lube it is not a problem and actually adds a very nice realistic touch. The suction is amazing, it's a nice snug feeling blowjob. This is the perfect size toy, for medium 5-7 inch dick. I am roughly 6-7 inches depending on how you measure and it does not "bust through" the end, but the lips wrap around tight because my girth is about 5.5, but not too tight. This may not be the case for large size dicks 7 inch +

  • Posted by Notorious Onahole on 19th Dec 2016


    Without teeth, absolutely superb

    The teeth are a little too realistic and it hurt every time, so I just removed them. Before or after I removed the teeth, it was still one of the best onahole's I ever experienced. La Bocca can be used with variety. As you enter, you can feel the tongue whirl around until you reach the deep throat section that literally explodes with sensation. The deep throat sensation provides a nice tightness and a lot of stimulation that is also not too intense, so longer sessions can be possible. The mouth ribbings is great and the tongue moves around a lot which feels amazing. One of the three onaholes I ever bought (Rina and lolinco) and it is the best one out of the three. I only use the Rina more for easy cleaning, La Bocca may take a little more time and care.

  • Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2016


    Teeth aren't great, otherwise amazing toy

    I really wanted this toy for a while after reviews for it when it first came out. Finally ordered it and overall it's pretty great. Cons: -Noise. Seriously, if you don't want anyone hearing, this may not be a toy for you. My first use I could hear it over my headphones. -Teeth. Reviews from other places said they were rubber, they're not. They're hard plastic and it's kind of painful. Maybe it's because I'm circumcised and thicker than average, but the teeth gave me hell. Pros: -Realism. Let me tell ya, it feels just like the real thing. I soaked my toy in hot water for a few mins before use to warm it up, and the feel is so real. If not for the fact that I was using the toy in my hand, I would have totally believed I was getting a blowjob. -This toy will not complain that its jaw hurts. Girls I've been with have made that complaint, this toy did not.

  • Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2016


    The teeth feel is realistic.

    Been awhile since I've felt teeth dragged across my penis. This little mouth feels nice when draped over my shaft. I pushed through the end of it so is not a one piece mold. It's two pieces so not completely air tight once it's in bit does a great job. Like the other review, the mouth os a bit small. Nice feel to it.

  • Posted by AnonLife on 4th Jan 2016


    It's a steal for the price being asked.

    Feels great. My only gripe is the "mouth" is a lot smaller than what is pictured. It's not even close to true scale (more like a small kids mouth). Regardless, I am more than satisfied. For 33$ - It's a steal. Guys, if your dick is unusually large, or even above average like mine (7.5"), you may want steer clear and look for something larger.

  • Posted by Starker on 25th Jul 2015


    stimulation is not enough,

    The stimulation is not enough, but it's better than your miss right or left....

  • Posted by SoCalPrince on 9th Mar 2015


    just came in this morning!

    Dude, this thing is killer! Freaking amazing! Just go get one already ur missing out even thinking of buying ! Only problem I had was I'm a little on the bigger side and if you are too, you WILL plow right thru the top of it.

  • Posted by 315 on 23rd Dec 2014


    Best Lil BJ Toy

    Love this toy, its by far the best BJ feeling out there -- the teeth don't hurt, they actually make it even more realistic! Being that I am on the smaller side, this toy is wonderful...I am glad I found this as I use her everyday!!

  • Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2014


    Very cool

    This item is close to half the CMST price elsewhere, just getting that out of the way. Great product though. First male masturbator I ever got. The front half of it really does feel like you're getting a (cold) gentle BJ. Never gotten an actual deep throat irl far as I can remember but you can do it with this. Just beware if you're 6 inches and upward. It's not very long and while it it does stretch, it seems like you can bust through the other side you're not careful.