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REV1000 For Men - A Revolution in Male Pleasure

For too long the best sex-toys have been designed with women in mind. Until now.

Welcome to the ultimate sex toy for men, a virtually hands free pleasure machine.

No more pumping up and down to get pleasure, simply pop yourself inside the REV1000.

Experience the most intense climax and orgasms imaginable!

49 Different Combination of Pleasure

7 Speeds x 7 Functions = 49 Different Combinations of Pleasure!

Start off gently at a low speed and intensity, this allows you to work your way up to the higher speeds settings and levels of pleasure, maximising your enjoyment

Pre-programmed functions have been deliberately set in an order that help you build up intensity, helping you achieve a more powerful and intense orgasm.

Function 1 - Continual clockwise rotation.

Function 2 - Clockwise rotation, 2 second pause and rotates clockwise.

Function 3 - Clockwise rotation for 4 revolutions and rotates anti-clockwise for 4 rotations.

Function 4 - 180° clockwise rotation then 180° anti-clockwise rotation.

Function 5 - 90° clockwise rotation then rotates 90° anti-clockwise.

Function 6 - 180° clockwise rotation then rotates 90° anti-clockwise.

Function 7 - Double rotation clockwise then double rotates anti-clockwise.

Powerful Custom Built Japanese Motor

Driven by a high quality custom built Japanese motor, this is without doubt the most powerful sex toy for men.

This appliance has an mains rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium battery.
Fully Rechargeable -  No Batteries Needed

REV1000 is fully rechargeable and comes complete with the charger and international adaptor!

Fully charged it will last around 40 minutes on continuous high power.

There's no extra adaptors or converters required, it's all included!

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easily disassembled and simply clean the inner TPR sleeve with warm soapy water and our recommended anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

This item can not be used in the water
Important note: Please ensure that the toy is fully charged before using it for the first time! Charging can take up to 12 hours! Please also note the information contained in the instruction manual. Thank you very much!

Extra Information

Length: 10.75 in. Width: 3.5 in. Height: 3 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

9 Reviews

  • Posted by LB on 5th Nov 2015


    Cool concept, doesn't deliver.

    I bought this on another site and it was my first toy, so I didn't know what to expect and my standards were low. However, this didn't even meet those expectations. While it does provide a pleasurable sensation, it does so very slowly and at an obnoxious noise level. Even at the lowest noise setting, the admittedly high-quality motor produces a noise noticeable to anyone nearby that actually managed to turn me off half the time. My second criticism, which can vary from person to person, is that it takes a long time to finish. During my first time using it, I switched between the last 3 motion settings at the 5th speed level and it took over an hour for me to finish. While the design delivers on its purpose, it turned a pleasurable activity into something akin to a chore.

  • Posted by Mr.Caca on 2nd Sep 2014


    Not for circumcise

    The rev1000 look interesting but after 1 use u realize that it's really cheap and it doesn't get the job done as well as u expect. Big disappointment for 165$ I'd rather have a my old flesh light than this crappy toy.

  • Posted by BJ on 10th Jul 2014


    Classy design and packaging, and good

    The REV1000 appears to be a quality build, but for me that's where it ends. Biggest complaint: no slow teasing functions. This contraption is a high speed 'member' blender. It's slowest speed is a frenetic cyclonic whirl around your precious.

  • Posted by Horndog on 29th May 2014


    Gears break soon after purchase, you'll be buying another one

    Hopefully they will improve the gears that are in rev1000. It's a great machine but it wears out fast. Expect about 40 uses then you can throw it away.

  • Posted by nicely on 28th Mar 2014


    bad battery

    Nice feeling. works. your dick should be 1.5 inch wide for best fit. anw. this thing has a bad battery. it very small. like an AA battery, but at 3,7volts. It stopped working after only having used it 4-5 times. I ended up opened it and soldered a 2m wire to it. modified a 2cell lipo-battery from rcplanes to deliver 3.7Volts in parallel. 3000mAh in stead of 200 ich. works much better then the original battery. have used it for a few months since this. I wouldn't have bother customised it, if the store I bought it in (not this one) had actually helped me out. I´m glad I did though ;)

  • Posted by oco on 30th Sep 2012


    Hats off!

    I simply bow before this amazing masturbatiion tool. A mere combination of ultimate masturbating features. rev1000 is like improved rends r-1 a10 cyclone

  • Posted by holic on 30th Sep 2012


    Coolest sex toy!

    Woah! Rev1000 finally come to US Never have seen anything cooler than this masturbator. Fully loaded with features to provide a great experience of masturbation. Must order one!

  • Posted by rev man on 30th Sep 2012


    Cool gadget!

    I would love to have this cool masturbating gadget, has almost all the features to provide an enchanting experience of masturbation. Rev1000 rocks

  • Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2012


    Remarkable features!

    I am stunned by Rev1000's amazing features this masturbator is loaded with. Perfect tool for ultimate masturbating experience. Highly suggest