Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika

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The Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika is here in USA. Be the first person to one the Meiki Eiro Chika, the latest Meiki release and is the sequel to the original Meiki no Hinkaku line (Meiki Up and Meiki Down).

Meiki's famous soft material since the first generation is used on the Meiki Eiro Chika . The data of the popular Japanese AV star Eiro Chika was used in creating this "Legendary Onahole". As expected, every area of the inside has detailed texturing creating an amazing Eiro Chika experience!

Preserved virginity technology. The smaller entrance increase the chance for a small tear to develop on the lip after initial use. This will depend on the users' size. This great innovation will ensure your Meiki is virgin when you receive it.

This set comes in a nice gold color box and one 100ml Meiki Eiro Chika super thick lotion.

Extra Information

Length: 6.5 in. Width: 3.5 in. Height: 3.5 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

4 Reviews

  • Posted by JUG on 11th Feb 2017


    It's ok but there's some things you should know

    Since the ZXY is one of the most popular masturbatory sleeves I will compare it to that. Compared to the ZXY, this toy is SOFT. It's also smaller but that's not necessarily a bad thing - the length is perfect. There's less sensation when compared with the ZXY as well (I know it was a surprise). However, this is still a great toy. The main sensation comes from the 'virgin' or tight entrance, once your past that there's not much to feel. I think this probably has to do with the fact this is a one piece sleeve that is very soft. Anyway, it's still worth 50 bones in my opinion and i'm hoping this review helps someone.

  • Posted by Unknown on 4th Jul 2014


    Worth Having

    Recently purchased Meiki Eiro Chika. Snug but not tight. Holds lub well. Excellent feel up or down position.Outstanding buy, especially at new price!

  • Posted by tko on 30th Mar 2014



    My friends recently gifted me this amazing and exciting Meiki Eiro Chika masturbation sleeve. He told me that it would be great for me till I get some real action. I didn’t believe that it would actually work until I used it myself. It really works! To my amazement, it has a virgin’s pussy like tight entrance that gives a sexy tearing effect after it is penetrated. I really love it ……….

  • Posted by SAm on 30th Nov 2013


    meiki gurru

    Another masturbation sleeve that I just purchased from the Meiki collection is the new Meiki Eiro Chika. As always, the company has produced yet another fantastic onahole product for its fans maintaining its reputation amongst the top quality masturbation sleeves. It has a small narrow entrance that gives a feeling as if penetrating a virgin’s pussy. All the way in it goes pretty deep and the texture remains soft to give sensational pleasure just like if you are fucking a real virgin girl. In my views it is the perfect product for filling your sex less life with ultimate masturbation pleasure and satisfaction.