Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Rina

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Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Rina is a hot sale masturbator in Japan! Sujiman means "camel toe" in Japanese. Kupa is one of sound effect that Japanese people make when they open something tight. Oh yeah, camel toe vagina is normally closed up tight. Rina is just a name of the girl on the packaging.

With Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Rina’s sequel of the popular camel-toe onahole, Sujiman Kupa Rinas sweet pussy is slightly tighter compared to Roas. The popular concept of the onahole inside the onahole has not been altered though.

It has a new technique to keep this masturbator antibacterial. Push aside the lovely entrance, you can see another pink entrance! A little bumped breast makes Rina's exterior looks adorable. Rina's path is a bit longer than Roa's, also filled with flesh folds and stimulation dots, a big g-spot bump at forepart, the tightening zone is tighter with nubs at the end, experience Rina's amazing hole!

Moving in this opening causes unbelievable and intensive stimulation. Inside the end chamber various acetabulum are waiting to take action! Additionally you may use this chamber as vacuum pump. Just push it during penetration to remove the air inside and increase its suction. Sujiman Kupa Rina is really a great product! Of course made in Japan!

Extra Information

Magic Eyes
Length: 6 in. Width: 2.5 in. Height: 2.5 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

5 Reviews

  • Posted by Still happily married on 12th Jul 2017


    Saved my marriage

    This was the first hole I purchased and I don't exaggerate when I say it saved my marriage. The lady of the house doesn't have the same sex drive as I do but this little lady can keep up. I just placed an order for the la bocca and I'll review it next. Expect a strong initial -kiss- followed by a slow teasing ride to the back where your tip will experience some really strong stimulation. i'll advise that you get a tube of lube as the one that ships with it is only enough for a test run to break her in. I'd also advise you take her into the bath with you and hold her under the faucet a bit and get the inside warmed up. Clean-up is simple and she's mostly durable as long as you take it easy, i didn't at first but later did. After five months of 4 times weekly punishment it's starting to show some wear internally.

  • Posted by Notorious Onahole on 19th Dec 2016


    Good sensation

    Rina is one of the three onaholes that I purchased for my first time, which is the lolinco and la bocca, and it is one of the less noisy ones and provides constant stimulation. It is not as intense as la bocca or lolinco, yet the constant feeling allows for longer sessions. Rina is great at any pace and going in shallow or deep. The uterus part is very satisfying at the end, you don't feel much at the entrance, you feel the most with all the bumps at the end. Overall Rina is a worthy purchase.

  • Posted by H Guy on 6th Nov 2016


    Petite Fun at Affordable Price

    Rina is part of a sister series of onaholes; her sister being Roa. I own both sisters and I'm basing my review on how they stack up together as much as how they stand up apart. Both sisters are known for their cameltoe entrance and petite frame. There are tiny breasts on the front which add a little charm for those who like things on the smaller side. If you are a fan of either novelty aspect, then this may be for you. It also comes with an art card in the box of Rina from the cover without the outwear on, as well as a packet of water based lube. The included lube is pretty thick and sparing, so I'd recommend having a smoother one on hand for use; Onatsuyu Juicy Lotion is my lube of choice. First off, for the price, about $25 as of this review, you can't really go wrong on this more entry level toy. There is a G Spot in the middle, alternating nubs and ribs, and a vacuum "cervix" chamber at the end. The internal tunnel is 10cm, which is about 4", to the entrance of the "cervix" chamber, and 12cm total, which is about 4.75", including the chamber. My erect length is somewhere between 4.5" and 5", so this falls right in my sweet spot as far as length is concerned. I enjoy the suction and feeling of the chamber "kissing" the glans before it slides in. This feature I feel is Rina's strong suit. Compared to her sister, Roa, Rina has the best suction and feeling at the chamber for me. However, Roa has a more pronounced cameltoe entrance, which is much more stimulating upfront than Rina. Rina's entrance is a little on the tighter side, not uncomfortably so but enough to diminish the fun of the cameltoe aesthetic some. I find Rina's lips hug me tight as I glide in and out, but Roa's lips are far more caressing and maintain that cameltoe look more in motion. Overall impact pleasure and sensation wise, I'd say Rina is a solid 7/10 for me. The end chamber being the real selling point. The tunnel is very soft and smooth feeling overall, with little impact until you hit the end and get that "kiss". Most of the stimulation is coming from the end for me, with the middle being more a caress, and a firm hold at the entrance. Value for the money wise, I'd rate it a solid 8/10. The material is nice and soft with minimal odor after first wash, it has antibacterial silver (AG+) ions interspersed in the material to keep things clean and smelling fresh long after cleaning. Rina, as well as her sister, is a dual layer design, which is more fragile overall than single layer. Be cautious when cleaning and drying, as the inner material is so soft and prone to wear and tear if too rough. Be gentle opening when cleaning, so as not to tear anything. That said, after a month of use, probably a half dozen uses or so, she has held up well for me with only very minor tearing, a couple millimeters, on the tip of the opening. Everything else has held up and still feels fresh, especially after powdering with cornstarch/baby powder. The bottom line is if you are looking for a soft, smooth, and straight ride with a tender kiss at the end, then this may be for you. Bear in mind your erect length, though. If you are much over 5" when erect, then this may not be for you. I imagine anyone over that will have a tough time getting the full impact out of the best feature of the chamber at the end, let alone risk breaking through the end at higher lengths. Just don't expect too much impact from the tunnel itself in terms of oomph, as it is more subdued than some other onaholes on the market. I would recommend this to fans of cameltoe who prefer a slick and petite exterior, and a smooth glide.

  • Posted by Phil on 3rd Sep 2016


    Great Onahole

    It's a great onahole, feels amazing, has some nice weight to it, and the mold is like a small body with pert breasts and a round ass. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel as good as I expected it to feel. For me, the Omega feels a bit better and tighter, even if it can't take half my length, even if Rina can't either, but Rina is able to handle a bit more. It's a great onahole and I will keep using it, but I would advise buying lube beforehand, Rina only comes with a tiny one-use packet, which I find quite sad given the Omega at half the price comes with a 50ml bottle.

  • Posted by Randy on 10th Jul 2014



    This is the best noahole I've ever used!! The look alone gets 5 stars the lips and pink inner layer really make it look and feel real, the only thing I'd change is the womb part at the end could of been tighter but with a good grip that con is an easy fix. The G-spot part feels damn good on you nan hood and the tiny tits are fun to rub a thumb over! I'd say this is the closest your going to get to a real loli, it feels like someone took a loli and cut off everything but the pussy and tits, boxed it up and sold it!