Magic Eyes Internal Structure of a Moe Body

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After Magic Eyes Sujimann Kupa Cocolo’s success, Magic Eyes debuted Magic Eyes Internal Structure of a Moe Body Onahole under same series with Magic eyes cocolo.

Magic Eyes Internal Structure of a Moe Body is the first onahole with skeleton structure and an anime girl idol turned masturbator! Shaped around a cute slender body with textured, soft skin, her inner passage is integrated into a "bone" section that emphasizes her firm and bouncy feel, while still keep her hole tight.

A double layers design with a outer layer made with soft and smooth material and a elastic inner layer that with simulating bone making this onahole able to stand up on it own. The outer skin of this onahole is treated with special technique, making it feel like the skin of an young girl. The boobs and bottom part of the toy are reinforced to give a realistic bouncing feeling, a feel that every man desire. Nicely curved tunnel with an extra tight entry that is pink in color along with stimulating membranes inside, recreate the tension of a tight spot. A plug at the end allow the onahole to change between non perforated and perforated design, let you enjoy the vacuum suction while remain easy to clean.

Her incredibly realistic heft and gorgeous bust make this a veritable mini sex doll as much as a regular onahole masturbator sleeve. There is also an A4 poster included to add to the fun.

Extra Information

Magic Eyes
Length: 10.5 in. Width: 6.5 in. Height: 6 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

4 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 25th Dec 2016


    Another great product from Magic Eyes.

    I have owned several onaholes from Magic Eyes, but this has to be the most impressive. The look and feel of the external components are alone worth the price, but they also include powder to keep it fresh too. Pair this with an onahole warmer to make it even better. I just wish the internal parts were a bit more snug.

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2015


    Extremely sexy design but can be fragile

    To say this girl is a turn on is an understatement. It's just about the most sexiest thing you can hold in one hand! The look and feel is 5 star, unfortunately though it is somewhat delicate. You have to be EXTREMELY gentle with her, and if you are on the large size you could expect to split the bone structure internaly causing a massive failure of itself. However it still can give a very nice touch and feel ,(both me and the wife love playing with it while having sex). It also has the tendency to have molding errors/defects which is probably due to the bone structure being a new process, I feel bad to give it only three stars, but ionly because of its inherent problems. Design, concept, feel, box art (like always) are 5 star.

  • Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2015



    So I've read on other review sites that the inner vagina material will tear and separate from the outer part after a few uses but mine came damaged. There was a small hole twards the top of the vaginal area so you can see the inner "bone" structure. I tried using a soldering iron to repair it but it didn't hold after using it. This doesn't effect how it feels (which is amazing) all it does is makes it a huge pain to clean and dry.

  • Posted by Ralph on 16th Jun 2015



    This product feels extremely realistic. I felt the suction and the weight of it. Its very firm. It is definitely a must buy. Magic Eyes is the best brand that I have bought from so far.