Heps Otris

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The Heps Otris is the latest new masturbator system from HEPS.

The unique design of HEPS Otris is basically a masturbation construction kit that allows easy and endless ways to customize your very own Heps Masturbator. The soft and TPR material and the strong suction make this toy is a must have!

The HEPS Otris Starter Set consists of 6 parts: It comes 4 different rings, each with a different type of inner structure. One cover and one bottom part.

4 different rings are T-part, S-part, HL-part and TW-part. They can also be purchased separately again to add more variety. There are two extra types: TC-part and BD-part that are sold separately only for even more options. With all the ring selection you can build your favorite inner structure and affect your masturbation experience to the max! Each inner structure ring is a about 1.5 inches height and a diameter of 3 inches.

The center of the bottom part of HEPS Otris features a button that regulates air flow. For maximum suction push your finger onto this button. If you lift your finger, air flow will be increased to maximum. This is actually a very clever function that you can play with the air flow during your masturbation. In addition, It features a nub covered bump in the center that will stimulation the glens when you stroke to the very end.

Easy as that! Screw, combine, try and enjoy! A great concept that convinces! Have fun with your HEPS Otris!

Heps Otris Inner structure ring parts information:

T-Part: T-Part features various big oval-shaped nubs. While penetration you will push the nubs aside. This part gives an overall harder stimulation.

S-Part: S-Part features 3 curve shaped membranes. Pushing through each membrane is a very vibrant and intense experience!

HL-Part: HL-Part features many small nubs. This ring has 8 cuttings that make the overall experience a little softer.

TW-Part: TW-Part features a combination of small nubs and groves. This ring has only 3 cuttings which makes the overall experience a tighter.

TC-Part (sold separately): TC-Part features various big, rounded nubs. While penetration you will push the nubs aside. This part gives an overall softer stimulation.

BD-Part (sold separately): BD-Part features several nub-covered trapezia. Gliding through this part gives an intense tickling sensation.

Extra Information

Length: 6.5 in. Width: 3 in. Height: 3 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2016


    is it real or is it memorex

    I brought this new product just out of curiosity and there is no substitute for the real thing like a woman the warmth and physical involvement.however the different rings simulate the first time with a young woman, I know you can remember that far back the way a young woman having her first. yes virginity. so these different rings do just that and more this system of there's heps otris has made a good product . it does an additional benefit it makes your erection stronger like sex exercise and for people the additional rings benefits work for us who need extra depth. a woman's vagina is certain depth and width being a science major, it is elastic to accommodate their mate. so my girl friend she cannot be replaced by it, men we look for that different feel a woman have down there they know how to work those muscles. so practice safe sex without cheating.

  • Posted by Casquetero on 16th Aug 2015


    Excellent for travel!

    I purchased this toy before an extended trip and took it with me. The design is very discrete and the exterior looks nothing like a sex toy. With the different textures and the sensations they provide, this toy is a most for those needing something discrete and fun. I did not give 5 stars for two reasons: 1) Some of the pieces must be in a specific orientation for the parts to fit well, and 2) The entrance disc kept getting out until I figured out the correct positioning of the discs. Besides that detail, it is a great toy to use alone or with a partner.