ZINI DIB Bang Bang

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When we say we will bring you the newest and the best that world has to offer, we weren’t kidding. Introducing straight from Korea ZINI DIB Bang Bang men’s masturbation device. CoolMaleSexToy is excited to be the first in North America to carry ZINI DIB Bang Bang Masturbator.

ZINI DIB Bang Bang is a revolutionary adult toy for men that permit a completely freehand masturbation and therefore a realistic sexual training. Experience extreme hands free fun and intense pleasure with the DIB Bang Bang, a male masturbator with a realistic pussy insert that can be adhered to any hard, flat surface and tilted for the best angle. This way you can use DIB to simulate various sex positions! It has never been easier before to enjoy a hands-free masturbation!

The inner life of the DIB Bang Bang is equipped with an advanced rotation mechanism. This mechanism transforms various rotation patterns to a soft, nub-attached sleeve. Now imagine how your member gets a massage by different rotation patterns and soft nubs at anywhere you want.

With 5 (level of rotation) x 10 (rotation function), total 50 vibrating modes and loaded powerful, silent, high performance motor, It will translate into a masturbation experience you will truly never forget.

Important note:

Charging time: 2 hours / Usage time: 2 hours (maxium hours in continuous usage)

Be careful of using it over 30 minutes to prevent from overheating causes malfunction

Dib contains electric components and is NOT waterproofed.

Extra Information

Length: 8.5 in. Width: 3 in. Height: 3 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

6 Reviews

  • Posted by Soup on 7th Mar 2016


    Best orgasm

    I not usually the one for writing reviews but I just had to after using this machine for the first time. First off packaging if pretty good, but that's not really the main selling point. First off charging took around 2hr and the device was ready to use. The suction device worked really well, I had mine attached to a mirror and angled down and it held on without loss of suction. At 6" and 5" girth the device worked wonders for me. This thing is gonna get a lot of use if it holds up! I had one of the best orgasms ever and I've used most machines, estim, venus 2000 etc. I'll keep you posted on the reliability of this amazing sex machine!

  • Posted by Hangs Too Low Expects Too Much on 4th Dec 2015



    Pros: Easy to dissemble, good suction, great design, perfect lazy man's toy. Cons: Isn't for above average guys, preset rotation modes are uncreative, doesn't last as long as the battery life claims, additional cup designs are way overpriced. If you're roundabout 6" then I take back my criticisms and admit that this toy is gonna be awesome for you. If you're 7-8" then it's still a cool toy but not worth the money. Expect to not use the first 3 or 4 levels of speed because the motor isn't putting out enough torque to spin around you...and the spinning nubs will barely reach "the spot" below your head because the actual cups are REALLY shallow. The preset modes are plentiful but ultra boring. There are like 50 variations of spin left, spin right, spin right then left. There are no modes that are complex enough to keep the sensations unpredictable. Verdict: Still feels like a machine on your dick. I guess the wait goes on for finding a toy that doesn't feel like it was conceptualized in 30min by a group of half-impassioned bankers just looking for a cheap gimmick.

  • Posted by Jason on 25th Jul 2015


    orgasms reached

    It was the moment i feared. The moment that I thought i found THE mens toy to have. Motorized? Too good to be true right? Well, I ordered my Zini Dib as soon as it became available as it has been out of stock often. I didnt come the 1st time i used it and i believe it was because I hadnt found the "sweet spot" which I found on my 2nd time using the toy. The area just below the crown of your member, getting the spinning nubs to focus on that area did it for me. Explosive orgasm. The 3rd time I used the toy (Tenga Real lotion is the best btw) I was able to explore the many settings and i found a couple that really did it for me...again explosive orgasm. The 4th and last time I used the unit for a full 30 mins (My longest sesion yet by far). I was mindful of the 30 min limit because i read it on the instructions. I had not used it for that length of time and this time the orgasm was knee buckling as i would pause the unit to briefly recover before continuing. After that mammoth orgasm I cleaned the unit as before (remove the inner cup and wash w soap and water) dry and replace. I didnt notice anything amiss as i plugged it up for the night to recharge. When i checked on the toy in the morning (6hrs later) I noticed the unit was blue colored and appeared fully charged. I pushed the buttons and none of them worked. I waited for the unit to discharge (no lights shown) then recharged for several hours. Unit still dont work. I never tried the suction cup feature, just held it in place with a pillow in my lap. Noticed that the inner cup was stretching around the cup area after 4 uses. I really loved this product and wish mine still worked. Hopefully future releases will be more durable. Also, if this unit offered heat or vibration patterns...look out. I cant say i can recommend the toy as i had it about a month but during that time it was almost worth it. 4 uses...3 incredible orgasms....$150... You decide.

  • Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2015



    t is worth every penny. I feel that they have a viable product and it works very well as is described. Fit, form, function is on level and is as described. The only issue is that although the suction is good, there is not a feeling of front to back, only side to side.

  • Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2014


    Nice toy

    This is a very nice toy of high quality. Very intense just wish the lowest speed was a bit slower. The toy is very powerful and does not stall. I have used it twice and both times the orgasm was quite powerful. Tip after use and cleaning: When putting the inner cup back into the toy coat it first with a small amount of corn starch for ease of installation.

  • Posted by Ron on 10th Jul 2014


    My boyfriend is happy, and I am getting some sleep!

    My problem is that I need 7-8 hours of sleep, but my boyfriend is a demanding "right here right now" partner. Enter the Bang Bang Robotic Vibrating Masturbator. Now I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to "lend him a hand". This robotic marvel of engineering is a relationship saver. Domo Arigato Mr Roboto! I would have given 5 starts if it were dishwasher safe.