ToysHeart Virgin Age Graduation

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ToysHeart Virgin Age Graduation's inner is made with special material with a special air pores design; this design makes the touch more elastic, soft and fresh. Her tunnel is filled with spiraled ridges and ribs plus a super tight space at the back. Try it slowly then you can feel the changes of Virgin Age!

Extra Information

Length: 6 in. Width: 3 in. Height: 2.5 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2018


    Not as hard as expected, felt great

    I'm enjoying Virgin Age: Graduation. It's pleasant to grasp, the outer material is springy and spongy. Internally, the inner layer isn't as hard as I was led to expect. Everything still glides smooth with proper lubing, the material just doesn't grab and hug your skin like a softer toy might. Nevertheless I love the spiraling ribs up front. The tapered tail end has no texture to it and trying to push up into it will quickly make the toy want to shoot off. While that doesn't provide much feeling itself, it pushes you back down through the ribbing which feels great! Full-length strokes are easy with this toy because the pushback from the end of the tunnel does most of the work on the upstroke. I'm a couple inches larger than the 123mm (4.84") tunnel and while I'd like if it was slightly longer, it's not much bother due to its design; the pushback is so strong from the tail you can't really stay bottomed out anyway. How it feels is subjective but this toy deserves praise for everything else too. Even right out of the package there was no smell, no stick, no oiliness. It's easy to grip and the rounded edges are convenient for cleaning and powdering. Cleanup is a breeze due to the design of the tunnel: super easy to dry due to the wide entrance, straight tunnel, and hard material that doesn't stick to everything so you can get your cloths in and your fingers out. While I haven't owned it long enough to attest to its durability, it has a better reputation in that regard than most dual-layer toys due to the thickness of its inner layer.

  • Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2016


    Good first onahole

    This was my first onahole purchase and I don't regret it. I couldn't fit myself in without lube, so luckily the small bottle of lube that came with it felt great. For cleanup, I suggest giving her a nice fingering with a paper towel around your finger. It arrived with a dent in the box, but the product was not affected. I recommend this for first-time onahole buyers.