NPG Real The Sumata Shinsei

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With the success of the NPG Version Dual-Layer Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei, Nippori Gift Japan is bringing us with their a new scaled hip shape product called NPG Real The Sumata Shinsei

The vaginal and anus tunnels have been upgraded to a thin-set dual layer design. Dual layer construction allows the outside material to be soft to grip while the interior is lined with a thin layer of harder material for more stimulation. Thin-set dual layer is where the harder material is thinner and allowed to melt into and fused with the outer softer material which makes every item slightly unique. The body end is flat and angled allowing it to be conveniently used in a multitude of positions.

The texture of the vaginal tunnel contains various sized nubs for stimulation. As you enter the tunnel, it gradually tightens before loosening to a wider width to help increase the vacuum suction of the tunnel.

The anal tunnel has ribs at the beginning before changing to nubs for the rest of the tunnel. The anal tunnel gradually tightens from beginning to end with a wavy path at the middle of the tunnel for stimulation.

The material construction of NPG Real The Sumata Shinsei is a dual-layer construction design. Dual-layer construction design is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a softer material while the inside is lined with a harder more stimulating material. This made it possible to have a nice and soft tactile feel when holding the masturbator while the inside is more stimulating due to the second material.

Extra Information

Length: 8.5 in. Width: 6.5 in. Height: 6 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

4 Reviews

  • Posted by Broman on 28th Nov 2020


    Great toy

    This toy is great and compact. It also feels amazing. I would highly recommend!

  • Posted by jove on 6th Jun 2020


    Very Good

    This hip is very good especially for its price. The way it looks, the weight, and the sensations both entrances give are all amazing. The only complaint I have is that the coloring around the lips/entrances fade and come off after a few washes, but only affect looks so just a nitpick.

  • Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2016



    Bought this. Payed way more then listed because of currency conversion. Used it. Tossed all other lesser toys in trash. Lost about 400$ No regrets. For 100$, this thing is a bargain. (Don't worry about the small hole length, it's not even noticeable )

  • Posted by Hip lover on 22nd Jun 2016


    amazing little ass

    It's tight, it's small and it is very realistic; inside and out. I have a Cherry Evolution and I actually enjoy this one a little more. Very visually appealing watching my cock slide in and out of this very sweet looking little hairless pussey... Did I mention that it is small? Not too small; but just perfect. Like that of a petite teen girl. If your into Lolis or petite women, buy this! Pretty durable as well. I have pounded the hell out of this little thing and haven't wrecked it yet and I'm 7 inches long and 2.5 thick. Surprising... I thought I would have left it in tatters. Haha.