NPG Dual-layer Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei

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Important Note: Manufacturer stated that due to the weight of this product, minor crease may be visible on the surface of the toy. This does not affect the function and usage of the product in any way and is not consider a defect.

NPG Dual-layer Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei (Nippori-ban Shinsei Gokujyou-namagoshi) has finally arrived on CoolMaleSexToy. Like the original Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip, the new version also features a vaginal and an anal tunnel. However they have applied Dual-layer construction to vaginal tunnel to make it feel more realistic and much better. Dual-layer construction is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a soft skin-like material while the inside is lined with a harder more stimulating and tighter material. This makes it possible to have a nice and soft feel while holding the masturbator while the inside is stimulating and tight due to the second material.

The generously lined vaginal tunnel has a nest of nubs waiting to stroke you as slide deep inside her. The butt hole is much tighter and meandering, full of numerous sharp curves. You'll find the same life-like high quality material as Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu, Meiki Yen Ru Yi and Meiki sarah onaholes. The technology used to create the realistic vaginal and anal canal in other Meiki has also been used in creating this Extreme Pleasure Hip. The body end is flat and angled allowing it to be conveniently used in a multitude of positions. Don't forget to give her stomach its dues, including the cute belly button.

The NPG Dual-layer Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei is perfect balance of slender waist with curvy hips. You can lay this beauty down flat on a bed or other surface, or you can hold her close to you while you explore either of her two intricate inner passages. Insert yourself into these grottos of pleasure and experience for yourself how a modern adult toy can push you to the limits!

Extra Information

Length: 11 in. Width: 11 in. Height: 7 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Anon on 14th Apr 2017


    Excellent simulation of vaginal penetration

    Having tried only a tenga before, I decided to give a "high end" toy a go. This hip really makes for some fun positions. Its somewhat heavy, but if you experiment with it you can find some positions to use the inertia and swing it back and forth and just pound at it. Certain angles give more pleasure and use less effort in that way. I was really impressed with how accurate vaginal penetration was. Having little nubs in the wall of the vagina feels so real. Unfortunately trying anal penetration didn't live up to my expectations it just wasn't tight enough.

  • Posted by Arron on 28th Sep 2015


    The Best Hip Available. My favorite.

    This is by far the best hip out right now. It is soft on the outside, but the dual layer makes the onahole nice and tight. I have had both the original single layer model, and the dual layer model. The dual layer is awesome especially feels good in the doggystyle position. It's heavy and slapable and feels like a real ass. If you want to masturbate then buy a sleeve. If you want the most realistic feeling closest to real sex this is it. Cleaning is tricky but the realism of the toy makes it worth the extra effort. You can use in so many positions its worth the price. By far the top choice of men who want the best.