Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip

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Important Note: Manufacturer stated that due to the weight of this product, minor crease may be visible on the surface of the toy. This does not affect the function and usage of the product in any way and is not consider a defect.

The amazing technology of the Meiki series of masturbators is now available in the full size Extreme Hip version!

The internal of the onahole designed from the results of a huge survey of 70,000 vaginas! It has a zero diameter structure, providing incredibly realistic sensations. The super complex inner texture is designed to accurately mirror the internal dimensions of the vagina like never before. Amazing!

Meiki Extreme Hip is over 13 lbs of top quality silicone, with both vaginal and anal entrances. The entrances are slightly different in feel and diameter - the anal entrance is tighter.

Extra Information

Length: 11 in. Width: 11 in. Height: 7 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
Batteries Included:

3 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2014


    Too soft, made by monkey

    This thing is large and has a good weight to it, but it is far too soft. Makes it difficult to handle and also kind of lacking in the "feeling" department. If it were a bit firmer, this would have helped things. Also the overall design is weak, Doesn't feel very much like a woman's butt, just a very crude approximation that leaves out the more realistic protruding cheeks. The canals both feel quite realistic but, again, are way too soft which kind of ruins things. Also the one I got was so pitifully made, it's comical. The rear canal aims way to the right and the front canal aims way to the left. For something so costly, one would assume some effort would go into properly aligning the negative moulds, but apparently not. Used it once and probably won't again.

  • Posted by Unknown on 9th Sep 2012


    very useful for pleasure

    whenever i want to derive maximum pleausre, i go for the product. the experince is alwys intensive and makes me happy

  • Posted by Unknown on 9th Sep 2012


    always good to use

    this is true becsue the pleasure cannot be gotten anywhere in the whole woirld