Magic Eyes La vie en ROSES

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With their latest amazing creation from Magic Eyes, La vie en ROSES. It's a large size masturbator that's super realistic, recreating the shame of a wmoan including her ass, hips and belly button. The coloring is realistic, too, with soft skin outside, pink outer lips and a dark pink interior, to simulate a blood-engorged pussy. Best of all, there are two ways to play with this dual-use onahole: a realistic vagina plus a tighter anal route that's great fun too. The toy is a "virgin" too, with rubber hymen that you break the first time you use it. It's 700 grams, so you get a realistic feel as you use it, and it's made in Japan for extra safety. By Magic Eyes, makers of the Sujiman line of sex toys.

The two holes in the Magic Eyes La vie en ROSES onahole are an incredible interlocking rose stem of twin tunnels. The replica body masturbator has a modest, Japanese-style bust (basically flat-chested) and a beautifully slender waist with cute belly button. Hold this anime idol-inspired body tight around her waist as you penetrate her vice-like holes, kneading her skin firmly and greedily. The realistic texture of the toy is created by a combination of four types of materials.

Extra Information

Magic Eyes
Length: 7 in. Width: 4.5 in. Height: 4 in.
Lubricant Included:
Water-based Lube Required:
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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 4th Nov 2016


    Magic Eyes Quality

    On the first use a bubble formed on the closed end of the toy. On the third use, the anal hole tore. I don't expect the vaginal hole to last long either. Magic Eyes has had a reputation of releasing interesting products like these with bad quality control; I've just experienced this. Otherwise, this toy is nice. The vaginal hole isn't tight; not that it isn't a bad thing. It provides a decent amount stimulation. It's soft and could probably be used for extended sessions. the strange lips of the toy add to that and they grip. While using this toy, I noticed a slight vacuum being formed when using both holes. The anal hole was tighter and provided a subtler more consistent wave of stimulation. The hip shape and weight add to the sensation.